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Email update

Hopefully, this will be the last update I need to make about my mailing list.

Email update

I have decided to change the way my email notifications will go out to my subscribers.

Sounds about white

I got up this morning and thought, “I need to check one thing on Facebook real quick before I start my day.”

A few friends have liked posts related to Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, and Land O’ Lakes. I end up reading comments on those posts, which are from places such as Snopes and CNN. As I read through the comments, I see so many people who don’t get it.

I still hope it will get better

I was finishing up for the day at the Star-Herald when I received a text message I was hoping not to get. It was from her.

“Are you sure you don’t want to do it?”

An incredible writing opportunity

As the rock cliff is undercut by erosion, overhanging rocks break off. No one can predict when the next break will occur, so view the cliffs from a safe distance.

When I left the Star-Herald in June 2019, I knew there was a chance I would never be able to write professionally again. I had to do it in order to save my physical and mental health. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly. Writing is the one thing in life I have always had confidence in. Despite the fact that my life may have been falling apart in other ways throughout the years, I could always take solace in my writing regardless of genre.

Let’s break the site and annoy subscribers

Last week, the email and subscribers plugin I use here received a major upgrade. The upgrade came with a complete UI redesign, which always sucks. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I figured I would have to get used to where everything got moved and the new look, but it was so much worse than that.

A vulgar display of religious arrogance

John Chau claimed he loved the Sentinelese people. He had never met them. His actions could lead to their genocide. His actions led to his death. I, and many others, are extremely annoyed at this vulgar display of religious arrogance.

Redditor, kushoon, posted his anger about the sheer vulgarity of Chau’s parents saying they forgive the Sentinelese. I extend my anger to Chau as well.

Until media companies give the public what they want, piracy is here to stay

I never meant to be a pirate. I just wanted to watch my shows and play my games as I had always done.

People are not illegal, so let them come and exercise their due process

There has been a lot of fear mongering about the caravan of people headed toward the United States. President Donald Trump has whipped people into a frenzy about how dangerous this group is while providing little evidence.

There’s never enough time for a scandal to play out

Every day I wake up and think, “today I am going to write about that thing in the news from yesterday.” The thing I am thinking about is one of several that came up, but I decided I would research it the next day and make a well-informed post. Then, I read the news and find another six or seven new things to write about.

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