I’m not here to gloat or brag about the presidential election. I’m not here to be divisive. Everyone already knows who I voted for and what I think of the vexatious litigant holding the highest office in the land right now. I want to highlight all the cool things that happened this week.


This guy made me smile:

A record-breaking six Native Americans and Native Hawaiian were elected to Congress on Nov. 3.

Democratic Representative Sharice Davids won reelection in Kansas, CBS News projects. She defeated Amanda Adkins, becoming the only Democrat representing Kansas in the House.

In Hawaii, Democratic candidate Kaiali’i Kahele defeated his Republican challenger Joe Akana, CBS News projects. Kahele will be only the second Native Hawaiian to represent the state in Congress.

In Oklahoma, CBS News projects both Representative Tom Cole and Representative Markwayne Mullin, two Republicans, won reelection.

Democratic Congresswoman Debra Haaland of New Mexico also won reelection. Republican Yvette Herrell also won in New Mexico.

According to Indian Country Today, a total of 13 Native American candidates were competing for House seats this year. The six winners have set a record. The group is split evenly by party — three Democrats and three Republicans.

The war on drugs took another step toward ending.

When asked to relax laws around the use of psychoactive substances, voters said yes, whether they were in the reddest red states or the bluest blue. New Jersey, Arizona, and Montana all voted to legalize recreational cannabis. Mississippi voted to legalize medical marijuana, and South Dakota legalized both recreational and medicinal uses of weed. “Whenever drug reforms were on the ballot, they won quite handily,” says Leo Beletsky, an epidemiologist and the faculty director of Northeastern University’s Health in Justice Lab. “That shows a hunger for major shifts and reforms across party lines.”

Never be fooled that your vote doesn’t matter.

We are going to have the first woman vice president.

Mondaire Jones and Ritchie Torres are the first two openly black LGBT men elected to Congress.

A Muslim millennial was elected the country’s first out nonbinary lawmaker — in Oklahoma.

Gray wolves are going to be reintroduced to Colorado after the electorate approved a ballot measure to reintroduce wolves into the southern Rockies.


French-born Muslim Elyazid Benferhat’s stomach turned when he heard about the deadly Islamic extremist attack on a church in Nice. You know what he did? He got off his as and did something about it.

He and other Muslims he recruited “stood guard outside the Lodeve cathedral for the All Saints’ holiday weekend, and hope to do the same for Christmas.”

A self-described man of peace and pragmatism, Mr Benferhat and a friend gathered a group of young Muslim men to stand guard outside their town’s cathedral.

Parishioners at the 13th-century church were deeply touched. The parish priest said their gesture gave him hope in a time of turmoil.

Mr Benferhat, who works for French oil company Total and coaches at a local football club, talked to a Muslim friend who was in Nice that day. He said: “We had this idea. We needed to do something beyond paying homage to the victims. We said, we will protect churches ourselves.”

They recruited volunteers among their friends and at his football club, and guarded the church that night and again for Sunday mass. He said they also co-ordinated with local police, after France’s government promised to increase security at sensitive religious sites.

“It’s very good, these young people who are against violence,” said the cathedral’s priest, Luis Iniguez.

London’s Southwark Cathedral held a memorial service for their most famous parishioner: Magnificat.

Doorkins Magnificat — or Doorkins for short — made Southwark Cathedral her home in 2008 after visiting between Christmas and New Year in search of food.

Over the years, she became a common site at the church — whether sprawling across the pews, sauntering across the altar during a service, or catnapping in the hay of the nativity scene at Christmas time.

A strange organic molecule has been discovered on Titan. It doesn’t exist on Earth.

As I finish writing this, several news outlets have officially called the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I’m not going to say anything else right now, other than we have a lot of work to do and the news makes me happy. It’s made the world leaders happy too.