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Lorraine Schoeneberger

Gram at Uncle Dave’s fishing competition July, 15, 2007.

I grabbed the softball and turned it around in my glove until my first two fingers were set where I wanted them along the seams. I focused on the placement of the catcher’s mitt, ignoring where the batter would be. My task was to put the ball in the catcher’s mitt. That’s all I looked at. I stretched back and released the ball.

The women I know

Salma and Hendrik Kampen leave the mosque in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania after wedding festivities.

Throughout history, there have been billions of women who have lived and died, and were inspirational to other women. Their stories were never written and we will never know who they are.

Matilda McCrear

She was taken from Africa when she was two years old. She was freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. Despite continued racism in the United States, she remained rebellious and was, in many respects, a woman ahead of her time.

Catherine the Great

She was supposed to have been married off to provide an “heir and a spare.” She came to power in a coup d’état that she organized and carried out. She made her country stronger, expanded its borders, and made it one of the great powers of Europe.

The Akashinga

Akashinga – The International Anti-Poaching Foundation. Photo by Brent Stirton.

They are a group of women who have survived domestic violence and rape. They were unwanted. Some were cast aside by their communities, but these women are taking on poachers, and winning. Their work is changing the way at-risk animals are protected in Africa and giving them a new purpose in life.

Nancy Wake

The Gestapo called her “The White Mouse.” She could kill you with her bare hands. She was a decorated World War II heroine of the French Resistance.

Ida B. Wells

Long before Rosa Parks ever got on a bus, Ida B. Wells got on a train. Then she tried to change the world.

Queen Elizabeth I

She wasn’t supposed to be queen, but after her brother, Edward, and half-sister, Mary, died, she took over and laid the foundation for what would become the British Empire.


She raised a rebellion against Rome. Her wrath burned London to the ground.

Milunka Savić

When her brother was called to mobilize for the First Balkan War, she went as well. She cut her hair, wore men’s clothes, and became a Serbian war heroine.

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