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Let people have their joy

Photo by Shawn Miller/Library of Congress.

Until last Thursday, I didn’t know Lizzo existed. Until last week, I didn’t know President James Madison owned a crystal flute. I did know, however, people will get riled up over the dumbest shit on the planet.

Celebrating a year with no social media

After today, I’m not going to revisit thoughts about life without social media anymore. At this time last year, I made my last post on Facebook telling people I was deleting Facebook, the last of my social media accounts, and they were welcome to continue to keep up to date with me here. Those who wished to do so could also text, do lunch, go for hikes, etc.

While some people still criticize me for leaving because it doesn’t affect them negatively, I have no desire to return to an arena which made me feel angry and made me feel less of a person all the time. It absolutely worsened my mental health.

Vote. Your life likely depends on it

My black and blue computer chair is quite comfy. I sit in it each day to read the news. It’s where I write the majority of the things that come tumbling out of my brain. It’s an old comfort, full of tears where cat claws have made their mark. The chair has served me well for nearly a decade.

For the past month, however, I have sat down in my trusty chair, rested my fingers on my keyboard, and…I…just…can’t. There are things in my head that want to come out, but after reading the news, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. I feel like I did when I was a little girl. A major right was taken away from me on June 24, 2022.  Every day since the Dobbs decision, there has been a story of someone who wants to further restrict my rights and all those memories come rushing back. I can’t switch it off. My brain still tries to protect me when something triggers me, even if it’s only a headline.

Today, I’d like to take you through the last 36 hours of my news feed and offer a solution, vote.

Day of the National Flag of Ukraine

F1 Ukrainian flag collage, framed.

One thing my grandma taught me was to never stop learning. It’s sound advice I have always remembered.

Monday Musings: How women are treated

I have a file on my computer labeled, “How women are treated.” If you open it up, it’s 67 pages of links to stories dating back to February 11, 2017. That’s roughly 13 pages of links per year of how women are still treated like lesser people. I keep telling myself I need to write a long, eloquent piece explaining how anyone who doesn’t seem to be a straight, white male is treated in society, but my list of links keeps growing.

I stumbled upon the screenshot a couple of days ago on Reddit and felt the need to single it out. I’m not going to be eloquent about any of this shit.

With sorrow

All of the Supreme Court’s decisions this term has removed protections Americans fought hard for and believed was settled law. The activists on the bench were put there for this very decision today. Roe and Casey are overturned.

It really is that simple

As a teen in the 1980s, I heard words like “fag, queer, twink,” and worse from my peers. At home, my grandmother quietly instilled the virtues and values of respect, fairness, and equality. She was well-known for living the idea of not judging people until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Those life lessons have been on my mind this week as the president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing body for Formula 1, has made some incredibly disparaging remarks toward Formula 1 drivers, and awareness to issues such as mental health, human rights, and the LGBT community.

Formula 1 is the only sport I follow. While it is not perfect, the sport has made great strides in the past few years to address a number of issues, including inequality, around the world. Not only are its stars involved, the greater community is as well.

Apparently, I’m the one to blame for everything

About six months ago, I had a conversation with someone where I expressed my concern at the rise of Christian nationalism in the country. I was told I was overreacting and to stop worrying about it. Since that time, a number of groups – Christian nationalists, conservative Christians, conservative republicans, etc. – have been saying the quiet part out loud.

Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy 21st Century Classroom

If you don’t think guns are the problem, you’re talking about the wrong thing.

They don’t care

I’ve been thinking a lot about this post from Reddit last week and thought I would share as I feel kind of voiceless right now about a lot of things. It states a lot of the things I’m thinking right now.

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