I won some awards

Although I don’t produce the volumes of writing I did when I was a daily reporter, I am still quite pleased with the recognition of my writing from Nebraska Press Women. I entered 13 articles this year, about half what I used to enter. I received 10 awards. All first place awards go on to the National Federation of Press Women contest. I will know those results mid-June.

Here are my winning entries.

First place, news story, online publication, “COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic.”

First place, editing for print or online publication, “Plight of the Black-tailed prairie dog.”

First place, web and social media, personal website, “Writings of Irene North.”

First place, web and social media, personal blog, “COVID-19 ignored blue flags and refused to move over.”

Second place, photographer/writer, “In the home of the bison.”

Third place, specialty article, history, ”A journey along the Mormon Trail.”

Third place, specialty article, travel, “The View from Above: Balloonist finds peace and solitude.”

Honorable mention, personality profile, more than 500 words, “The Indelible Karyn Turner.”

Honorable mention, photography, general, “The only way to soar is to believe you can fly.”

Honorable mention, photo essay, “Pronghorn.”


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  1. Jennifer Harms

    Congratulations for the awards you received, Irene!

  2. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about the accomplishments of Wyobraska Magazine Photojournalist Irene North for over a month, trying to not spill the beans on her amazing awards from the Nebraska Press Women’s Association since we began working on Wyobraska Magazine together.

    She’s overcome so much in her personal life struggling with PTSD while working her regular job, writing and researching for the magazine.

    Her achievements deserve global recognition, which I know she’ll achieve in time.

    She’s one of the best people I’ve ever known and with her faith in the Wyobraska Magazine project, which COVID-19 struck down, temporarily, just as we were getting off the ground, brought a new perspective on the North Platte Valley, its population, its history and heritage into view in a unique perspective.

    I’m very proud of Irene. We should all be. She’s stuck to her guns when there was very little, if any, money to make Wyobraska Magazine work and brought attention and recognition to herself and Wyobraska Mag as well as the women working in publishing across the state of Nebraska.

    Thank you, Irene. You deserve more than these awards.

    On another note:

    The Star Herald Newspaper Newspaper made a grave error in judgment when proposing attempting to enforce ultimatums on a true Journalist. Allowing the talent of Irene to slip through their fingers unchallenged is a testament to its management’s incompetence, lack of leadership and vision. But, I’m very glad they did not only for Irene, but also for the future of Wyobraska Magazine.

    H. Buckman
    Publisher: Wyobraska Magazine

  3. Jerry Lewis

    These are wonderful and well-deserved words. So proud to know Irene!

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