Over the weekend, things here went a little screwy, but everything is fine now.

My email has been a bit wonky for about a week. It worked. It didn’t work. I figured it was related to the time when my hosting provider conducts backups because I was having issues during that same time period. I didn’t think much about it and I didn’t have much time to investigate it. Then, Monday arrived.

I got a notification that my email campaign had successfully been sent. I thought to myself, “What? I haven’t written anything new?”

I came to visit the sit and saw Jan. 2, 2021 was the last post on my site. My heart rate increased. I immediately calmed myself and texted the appropriate people. “I know exactly what’s going on. It’s okay,” was the reply.

Usually, I freak out when anything goes wrong here. This website is my personal passion and I always want things to be 100 percent all the time.

I was a bit worried because I thought a lot of things I had written were gone. I have written a lot of things – prose and poetry – this year. My stupid swiss cheese brain automatically brought up every single thing I had written and was working on over the past few weeks. I panicked a teeny bit. After a search of my emails, I had only posted one thing on Jan. 22. So, only one post was missing. No need to panic. It was going to be okay.

My hosting provider has spent an enormous amount of money this month upgrading things. My site was being moved to a different and much faster server. If you’ve ever visited the site and it was slow, that issue has, hopefully been sorted out now.

The initial panic for me came from the email notification, which goes out at 9am every day. What was actually happening was the notification software saw something different as my top post and assumed it was a new one. In reality, not everything had transferred over yet.

Since everything else was already transferred, there was a chance the post from Jan. 22, was going to be lost. I keep a copy of everything I write in Open Office. I also had my email notifications to approve comments. I manually approve every comment made. I could redo the post and ask the commenters if they would re-comment as a worst-case scenario.

About 12 hours later, everything showed up. I haven’t done a deep check, but everything seems back to normal now.

For much of yesterday, I was re-receiving emails. It was slightly annoying to receive a week’s worth of emails in a few-hour span, but not that big of a deal. The good news is the website is all here and everything should load faster for me and for you.

Thanks for understanding during the past couple of days.