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I could be angry every day

In my continuing quest to lead a more peaceful life, I have found I could be far more angry than I am today. I’ve cut back on the number of news sites I read each and as well as the time spent reading because it really does just make me angry.

COVID-19 ignored blue flags and refused to move over

Everyone thought the Australian Grand Prix was going to happen. It didn’t. Then, everything changed.

Maria Teresa de Filippis

Formula One legend Juan Manuel Fangio once told her, You go too fast, you take too many risks,” but Maria Teresa de Filippis was fearless and determined to race.

A dollar store Lex Luthor

The week has been a stressful one with the passing of a beloved teacher.

A redditor made me laugh by calling Gov. Pete Ricketts names.

It just intrigues me that there’s a “Nebraskans for the Death Penalty Group”, and Ricketts is giving shit loads of money to it.
“I’ve got 200k burning a hole in my pocket. Should I donate to the Sienna Francis House? No. People’s City Mission? Doctors w/o Borders? No. Ooh, this group’s stance is killing people. I can get behind that.” Fucking dollar store Lex Luthor.

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