Formula One’s Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has a unique streak going on right now. Every race in which he has worn an LGBTQ+ helmet, he has finished on the podium.

Qatar 21 November 2021: 1st place.

Saudi Arabia 5 December 2021: 1st place.

Abu Dhabi 12 December 2021: 2nd place.

Canada 19 June 2022: 3rd place.

Great Britain 3 July 2022: 3rd place.

Austria 10 July 2022: 3rd place.

It’s just a silly little stat, but F1 fans like these sorts of things. I think it’s kind of cool.

Also, at this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, there was a lot of disgusting behavior from a select amount of fans. Misogyny has no place in this world and I’m happy everyone called it out, from the average fan to the drivers to the teams to the police to the heads of F1. The sport has a way to go concerning equality and diversity, but it’s nice to see the people who should be stepping up and leading the way are doing the right thing.