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2018 Longform readings, Part 3

This is the third set of longform readings I have come across in 2018. they cover a wide range of topics, yet all are interesting and well worth the time investment required to read them.

2018 Book List, Part 2

For the past decade, I’ve been posting about the books I’ve read throughout the year and sharing my list with others. This will be my last list I make as there doesn’t seem to be a desire for people to read anymore and they certainly aren’t paying attention to what I’m looking at. I also no longer have the desire to make such a post, particularly when it is long enough to be spread over two posts during the year. I have other things I want to write about and my opinion on particular books is not one of them.

2018 Longform reading list Part 2

Longform stories are some of my favorite articles to read on the internet. It is some of the best writing you will find online. The stories typically contain illustrations, photography, interactives, and an engaging story.

I normally do this list twice a year, but as I looked at it the other day, I realized it had quickly grown in size. There are also many stories that are relevant to now and I don’t want to wait until the end of the year to share them. If this continues, I may change this list to once a month.
You can still read Part 1, which has some great stories.

2018 Book List Part 1

Every year, I purchase a pile of books to read. I haven’t bought as many this year because my piles have become too high. Typically, my list is made in December, but I’ve read quite a bit this year and I have another large stack on my desk that I expect I will have finished reading by December. This is a list of what I have been reading during the first half of 2018.

2018 Longform reading list Part 1

Longform readings showcase some of the best writing on the internet. They typically contain illustrations, photography, interactives, and an engaging story.

My longform readings are usually listed at the end of my book reading list. After reevaluating the amount of time I spend online and determining how I would like to spend my free time, I have found myself reading and writing more. With that extra time, the longform reading list great and I decided to split it from the book reading list. These are the stories I have read in the first six months of the year. Part two will be uploaded in December.

My 2017 movie list

With 2017 near it’s end, here is another list compiled by me of the movies I watched this year. They are listed mostly in the order I viewed them throughout the year.

My 2017 reading list

Every year, I make a list of the things I read – books, long articles, graphic novels – and share them. Hopefully, you will find something interesting to read here and expand your mind.

To make it easier in case you don’t like one type of reading, I created sections for each type of reading and then listed in the order I read them.

There’s never enough time for reading

In mid-January 2016, I came across a reading challenge. Since I like to read, I figured I’d have a go at trying to finish each category. It wasn’t always possible. Here are the categories and how I fared.

A dollar store Lex Luthor

The week has been a stressful one with the passing of a beloved teacher.

A redditor made me laugh by calling Gov. Pete Ricketts names.

It just intrigues me that there’s a “Nebraskans for the Death Penalty Group”, and Ricketts is giving shit loads of money to it.
“I’ve got 200k burning a hole in my pocket. Should I donate to the Sienna Francis House? No. People’s City Mission? Doctors w/o Borders? No. Ooh, this group’s stance is killing people. I can get behind that.” Fucking dollar store Lex Luthor.

Irene’s 2014 really bad movie reviews

The following is a list of most of the movies I saw in 2014. I don’t do movie reviews well. Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed.



What’s not to like about Godzilla? I liked it. Then again, I like watching giant creatures destroy the world. I don’t need convoluted plot lines for that.

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