Let people have their joy

Photo by Shawn Miller/Library of Congress.

Until last Thursday, I didn’t know Lizzo existed. Until last week, I didn’t know President James Madison owned a crystal flute. I did know, however, people will get riled up over the dumbest shit on the planet.

Lizzo is a musical artist. She is also a flute-player. Wikipedia lists her talents as “singer, rapper, flutist, and songwriter.”

The crystal flute was gifted to President James Madison in 1813 by the French flute maker Claude Laurent. As far as we know, Lizzo is the only person to have ever played it.

People who deserve no respect or attention are criticizing her joy. Most of the comments I’ve seen display childish behavior over her “spitting” into the flute. Yeah, that happens with musical instruments. If the Library of Congress wasn’t OK with situation, they would have said no. Instead, they got to share in Lizzo’s joy, too, while indirectly teaching folks the flute exists and what they do.

Lizzo was invited to the Library of Congress to view its collection of 1,700 flutes ahead of her concert last week. I played the drums growing up, but if someone invited me to have a look at the world’s largest collection of flutes, I’m going. I imagine if you’re an flute player, it’s an even more special of an invitation.

The Library of Congress obliged Lizzo’s request to play a few notes at her concert and history was made.

I have to admit, if anyone would ever let me hold Crazy Horse’s whetstone in my hand, I’d have the same scared and exuberant feelings. I’d also want to share the moment if I could.

I never heard of Lizzo or this flute before last Thursday. I’m happy to know of both now. She brought history to the present and made history while doing it, all to the elation of her fans.

Lizzo made me smile just by letting me share in her moment of joy. We should all try to remember those rare, special moments when we experience something for the first time and the happiness, delight, and wonder it brings.


Respect and RIP, Coolio


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  1. AJ

    Crazy Horse’s whetstone,,,, I have seen that somewhere before 👍

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