Giving thanks

It’s a difficult time for me right now, but I wanted to give thanks to every single person on Earth who is vaccinated.

For anyone who wants to know or cares, I received the Moderna vaccine in February and March 2021. I received my Moderna booster in October, four days after it was available.

I would like the world to not have to worry about this anymore, but, unfortunately, too many people will not listen. Selfishly, this is doing my head in because 1) I’m tired of being rational and calmly explaining why the vaccine is safe and effective and 2) I want to travel again. Traveling does a world of good for me and helps ease my PTSD symptoms. I haven’t been able to do that now for two years and it is likely I won’t be able to do it again next year. I really want to say, “Fuck you, you selfish prick,” to people who refuse to get the vaccine, but I’m still trying to understand why people think like this and I’m still trying to be a better person.

Also, true medical exemptions are rare and there should never be religious exemptions to any vaccine.

Again, to all of you who have received your vaccine, this person with underlying medical conditions thanks you.


It’s complicated


  1. Rick Myers

    Thank you!!!

  2. Barb Batie

    Thank you! P.S. Don and I got our Pfizer boosters yesterday and if nothing else you can come visit us and seek sanctuary in our basement if you want to get away for a day or two.

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