Stretched out on the couch
I’m kept warm
under a comfy snowflake blanket
on a chilly evening
when the rains came

wind gusts indicate category one
but hurricanes don’t form
in this part of the country

the sound of rain and wind
as the night goes on

the torrent of water distorts the view outside
a chill is in the air
the sky, in full view

shut out the noises of modernity
listen to the songs
the rain and wind are playing for you

small hail pinging on objects soft and hard
a familiar tune on the Great Plains
lightning dances across the sky
vibrant, naked, assuasive

rain spurts from engorged gutters
wind blows drizzling rain onto the faces
of those outside

in the autumn rain
the dying embers of sunset
disappear into gray

the soft, white noise
of dreams outside
the background of childhood
I smile
close my eyes
and drift to sleep