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I got to hang out with some yaks

What’s up? You got some cow cake?

As we move through the month of March, Star-Herald reporters are busy writing extra stories for the four Stars sections – Business, Ag, Healthy Communities, and People in Education. I was setting up an interview for the Ag section at Chadron State College with Lucinda Mays. Ag Editor Spike Jordan asked if he could tag along. He wanted to do a story on Hay Springs Yaks, owned by Una Taylor and Tim Hardy. Una and Tim were gracious hosts. I had a blast learning about yaks and hanging out with yaks.

Hay Springs Yaks lies within the historic Pine Ridge. The ranch is more than a mile long, from the banks of Little Bordeaux Creek into the wildest parts of the ridge.

It doesn’t look like it from here, but Spike Jordan is trying really hard to not be blown away by the 60 mph winds.

Yep. I’m in the middle of a yak pile.

Spike Jordan feeds a yak a cow cake.

I’m still in the middle of the yak pile.

Spike Jordan caught me as I was cornered by a bunch of yaks. It was a lot of fun even if I was in 60 mph winds the whole time. Yaks are awesome. Also, holy crap! Look how red my ears are. I should probably wear a hat or maybe a hood because, you know, it’s attached to my jacket.

Well, that’s one way to pick your nose.

Spike Jordan reaches out to pet a yak.

Just a friendly jousting show between two yaks.

One of the things I learned today is that only the males are called yaks. Females are called dri or nak. You can learn more about Hay Springs Yaks in the March 17 edition of the Star-Herald. It was fun learning about these beautiful animals. Now we get to write about them for our readers.


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  1. Kathy Iles

    Yaks are awesome. 🙂

  2. Dalene Louden

    Yaks and naks are so adorable!

  3. Irene North

    Many thanks to Spike Jordan for the awesome photo of me. If you haven’t seen it yet, click the link and see how much fun it is to learn about yaks.

  4. Amber Schiltz

    That photo is awesome, I want to be surrounded by yaks!

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