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I can cook now, mostly

I’m still not sure why I was home alone that monumental day, but I had graduated from setting the table for dinner to making the meal by myself.

The movies that have impacted my life

At the end of every year, someone makes a top ten list for just about everything. They try to convince you that their list is best and their choices are the best over everyone else’s picks. This is not that kind of list. Having seen more than 2,000 movies in my lifetime, a top ten list of anything would be impossible. This list is about the movies that have had a profound impact on my life. There are only seven on my list, so you can certainly waste a weekend watching them if you so choose.

My 2017 movie list

With 2017 near it’s end, here is another list compiled by me of the movies I watched this year. They are listed mostly in the order I viewed them throughout the year.

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