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The visitor

It’s not the first time he’s come to visit me. Michael Myers has appeared to me in dreams before. He always scares me. I’m conditioned to be afraid of him. He is, after all, a multiple murderer. Last night, he appeared just outside my window at 15 Corwin Avenue, the house in which I grew up.

He gently tapped on the glass with the tip of his knife. He stood there, looming over all the shadows filtering in from the moonlight. I was terrified, of course. Who wouldn’t be. Was he there to kill me? To kill someone else? I didn’t know. I rolled over and faced the wall, trying to pretend he wasn’t there. In my little mind, that would mean he would go away.

The better Halloween

I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. I only have one good memory of the day. I’m not into ghosts, goblins, and monsters. I’m not a fan of candy. I’d rather go online and purchase some good Getrude Hawk chocolate or import something tasty from Europe.

There is, however, a better Halloween and I’m not even big into scary movies. I’m a bit of a downer this time of year, so I thought I’d share some fun things about Halloween since almost everyone I know will be out this weekend having Halloween-type fun.

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