The best grandma in the world.

The best grandma in the world.

Perfer et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim

I spoke to you on Thursday
by Saturday, you were gone
In my jealousy
I wanted you to stay
to speak to you again
to tell you I loved you once more

The morning light had come
your time was done
1:11, 11:11, it doesn’t matter the hour
there was so much more to say

No more history lessons
no more dirty jokes
no more simple days
to sit with each other
and just

I can still feel your soft skin
your gentle voice
in the echoes of my mind
your laugh
your smile
how you said my name

It’s been five long years
without your advice
your wisdom
your wit

I miss my cognate
my mentor
my friend

The loss
cannot be replaced
what was once extant
is now gone

If I could ask
you’d say
Be patient and tough;
someday this pain will be useful to you