Over the past month, I’ve been watching videos from a variety of perspectives and disciplines. I thought I’d share three of my favorites.

The Evolution and Meanings of Human Skin Color | Nina Jablonski

Variation in human skin color has fascinated and perplexed people for centuries. As the most visible aspect of human variation, skin color has been used in the past as a basis for classifying people into “races.” In this lecture, Leakey Foundation grantee Nina Jablonski discusses the evolution of human skin color and how color-based race concepts have influenced societies and impacted social well-being.

“The Evolution and Meanings of Human Skin Color” was presented at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on September 27, 2018, as part of The Leakey Foundation’s Speaker Series program in partnership with the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Video length: 1:04:24

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and dropped out of grad school, so it’s not surprising I was drawn to this lecture. The video is fascinating and informative, but the best thing about this video is Nina Jablonski presents highly scientific information in a way which connects non-scientists with the science of skin color. She is enthusiastic about her work and is extremely knowledgeable, which shines through in her presentation.

One of the most interesting parts of Nina Jablonski‘s lecture was her discussion (beginning around the 48 minute mark) of Carolus Linnaeus introducing pejoratives into race was interesting as was her discussion on Immanuel Kant. She discussed David Hume as well, explaining how influential Kant and Hume were, particularly on the placement of white people at the top of everything.

“Skin color is a beautiful evolutionary adaptation and needs to be celebrated by all humans as just that. It doesn’t divide us. It unites us. It is the most beautiful and effective product of natural selection on the human body.”

Trauma and the nervous system: a polyvagal perspective

This video was developed as a basic introduction to a Polyvagal view of how trauma and chronic stress affect our nervous system.

Video length: 9:02

My therapist shared this video with me. I’m sharing it so others may have a better understanding of how folks like me function.

You Are Lied to Every Day

We are constantly being lied to by people online. These people are not your friends. Do not trust someone just because they claim to belong to your political “team”. The lying has become endemic. By design it has caused us to hate, fear, and fragment.

Video length: 1:03:02

I have followed DarkMatter2525 since 2009, shortly after he began making content. Most of his videos are animations criticizing religion. From time to time, he presents videos such as the one below.

Two of the major things I was taught, I try to stick to whenever I am receiving new data. The first came from my grandmother – question everything. She taught me never to trust what I hear or read. Find the data and evidence and make my own decision. This is especially true if I automatically agree with the information.

The second was my Philosophy 110 class in college. The class was a logic class and built upon the critical thinking and logic classes I had taken throughout my K-12 education. I still count it as the most important class I ever took.

It doesn’t mean I don’t screw up or make mistakes, but knowing how to spot propaganda is crucial, even in everyday life.