Ghost stories for Halloween

Hubert Clair Bishop – AKA Miss Bish. Nebraska State Historical Society

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I sure know a story when I see it.

I enjoy spending time during the winter hiking at Fort Robinson State Park. There’s no one there and there’s a peaceful aspect to the area for me during that time. The fort has many ghost stories. Everyone who works there has a story to tell. I spent time with a few folks to get the stories and hear the tales.

You can read the Ghosts of Fort Robinson over at Wyobraska Magazine.

I also wrote a story about the ghost at the Midwest Theater in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. There are reportedly three ghosts, but only one has been “identified.” Miss Bish, pictured above, has a fascinating story even before she died and took up residence at the theater. Several years ago, I spent a few months researching her life story and wrote an article for the Scottsbluff Star-Herald. I’m hoping to revisit the story in the future and maybe flesh out some more details.

My colleagues are also working on their own ghost stories for the holiday. Just check out Wyobraska Magazine’s front page to find them.


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  1. AJ The Lionhearted 🤪

    I stayed a few nights in the barracks at Ft. Robinson. Sepia photographs of several groups of Indians from around the later part of the 1800s /early 1900s adorn the walls of the hallway. As I lie awake in my bunk, weird noises permeate the darkness. Which one those individuals in the photographs was going to kill me tonight?

    • Irene

      I’ve stayed a few times as well, particularly in the places I wrote about, but I didn’t hear, smell, or see anything. I did wonder about the giant Red Cloud portrait staring at me all night, but it was just creepy looking. Nothing happened.

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