Monday Musings: It’s just another day now

I’ve always struggled with the day and what it means for the majority of people who live in the United States. So many have never truly been free. I haven’t celebrated it in more than 20 years.

Black people, people of color, indigenous people, and the LGBTQ+ community have not been celebrating the fourth for decades. Today, women no longer have a reason to celebrate. Despite our best efforts, all five groups have always been considered second class citizens, slaves, chattel, or worse. I suppose if you are a heterosexual, white, christian, land-owning male you can go about doing what you always do.



Me and a turtle


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  1. AJ

    Our Supreme Court is taking away freedoms previously granted. As a veteran I am saddened. The sacrifices made by soldiers past/present were for the benefit of the people. Our system they defended is being turned into a Nationalist Theocracy by a screeching minority, pretending to portray themselves and movement as patriotic. They are twisting everything The Founding Fathers said to fit their religious, sexist, racist, homophobic agenda. They don’t give a hoot about anyone but themselves.
    No. I am not celebrating.

  2. I didn’t read this till today, but it’s how I felt yesterday. Especially after I went to get some gas, and a random local tried to tell me that the “Democrats, with a capital D” (he literally said it that way) are trying to take over every aspect of our lives. Ironic much? Yeah. I just walked away, but not before saying “if you think gas prices are the government’s fault, go look at the profits the oil companies have made in 2022.” Because I just can’t go down without a fight.

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