Monday Musings: What’s it like in the USA?

In case you can’t read the embedded link, here’s what it says:

Everything seems to be run by a bunch of 80yo senile assholes, and I don’t know why we’re just ok with all that.

The entire government seems to be made up exclusively by either total racist dipshits or smarmy rat-fuck weasels. Neither group seems capable of actually doing anything except blaming the other group for everything.

At this point, the “republicrats” are really just one stupid broken thing, and I’d like to throw that thing in the fucking dumpster where it belongs.

I’m not sure I can add anything to this comment. We need an entire reset because the American experiment is coming to an end.


Lost art, my grandma, sacrifice, and love


With sorrow


  1. AJ

    I could not have said it better!

  2. Donna Thompson

    Agreed. I have said for a while now that we, as a country, are a failed experiment. We’re moving on to another era. Whatever we thought we were, or what we could become, cannot happen because we are so deeply divided and the system by which our foundations are dependent on is broken.

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