Look at us. We’re awesome.
Except Greenie over there. He keeps dropping his gun.

Dude. Get up off the floor and fix my bike.
Yeah, man. You’re always screwing around.

Our awesome defenses are back up and ready to go.

Ooooh, a kitty. Do you think he’ll let me pet him?
I don’t think that would be a good idea, dude.

Here, kitty, kitty.
Don’t call me when you die.

You’re such a pretty kitty. And your eyes match my pants.


I got me the best ride ever.

I got a cool ride, too.
Yeah, what happens when he moves?

Told ya.

Okay, this ride is pretty cool.
Bigger isn’t always better, dude.

What the hell, man.
You’re ruining our shot with our awesome rides.

Hey, where’s my sweet ride.
Uh, we thought you were dead, so we didn’t get you one.

Best ride ever.