I can’t look back in anger

There is no way to go back in time
to eliminate the fear
to stop the hands touching me
or keep the fists from crushing my soul

I can’t look back in anger
I’ve got to let it go
It’s never too late
to make my peace
and walk away

I can’t change the pain
from the secret places
but I don’t have to let
my heart keep burning
I can put the fire out
and walk away

I can put down
the guilt, the shame,
the anger, the pain
it’s never too late
to leave them behind
and walk away

My life was in their hands
for far too long
I got stuck
and the memories tortured me
I need to walk away

It’s time to decide
to leave it all behind
to walk away
I can at least do that today

I can’t look back
I can’t stay there
so I’m going to walk away
and head down the road
toward tomorrow


On the edge of the day


Sophie Scholl


  1. Red

    Lyrics to a song.

    • Irene

      I was actually listening to music when I started writing this one. It probably influenced me in some way.

  2. Jina Red Nest

    Good job, i like the way it goes…

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