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Health care benefits the rich, takes from the poor

For nearly a decade, Republicans complained the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, had been shoved down their throats. They said it was passed too quickly and no one had time to read the bill. On Thursday, May 4, the Republicans in the House of Representatives did the same thing, throwing the entire health care system into chaos.

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When other people cause the magic to fade

On any given Sunday, the movie theater was where you used to be able to find me. Cinemas 6 in the Caldor Plaza was about a mile’s walk from home. It eventually expanded to become Cinemas 9. My friend, Doug, and I would spend the day there, arriving for the first show around 11 a.m., and leaving after the last, near midnight.

Before going, a plot was made of each movie and which theater it was in or the time listing from the newspaper was torn out and kept in my pocket. As each movie ended, we walked with the exiting crowd, slipping into the next open theater.

Employees and management didn’t seem to mind. We didn’t cause trouble. If we were loud and disruptive, we’d be kicked out.

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I am the law

He is the law. You should be afraid. Or enthralled. It depends on how twisted you are.

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She soothes my soul

Cinders stares off into the distance.

Sometimes the purring wakes me up.

It’s 4:30 a.m. Without opening my eyes, I can feel her head nuzzled on my collar bone. She’s only partially awake, but I must disturb her so I can begin my day.

Like clockwork, she comes near me at 7:20 a.m. She extends her left paw toward me for head scratchings and belly rubs before I head out the door.

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Transgender news is news even if you don’t want to read it

“Have you seen the paper today?” a man I know asked, clearly irritated. I nodded yes, but wondered why he was so angry. My bewildered look prompted him to open the newspaper and turn to a story about a transgender man going to court.

“Nobody cares about that shit here,” he said, throwing the paper on his desk. The story was about Gavin Grimm, a transgender man, and his case being heard at the Supreme Court. “No one wants to see that. It doesn’t matter.”

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