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Providing social media accounts doesn’t make anyone safer

The Transportation Security Administration has never been more than security theater.

Ever since the TSA was created, it has had problems. Whether employees were stealing from luggage or getting arrested for a variety of crimes, including child pornography, it has always been more about security theater than catching terrorists.

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Where do we draw the line?

Crass jokes and people pushing the envelope has been, and probably always will be, with us. They were written on the walls in Pompeii and the walls of modern public restrooms. We may chuckle or cringe, but how far is too far? And who gets to decide when we have crossed a line.

In the past week, two entertainers have been accused of crossing the line of good taste. One, Kathy Griffin, has been fired from her job and has lost many sponsorship deals. The other, Bill Maher, has apologized for his comments.

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I am embarrassed for my country

My first trip abroad was in the Spring of 1985. My high school French class took a trip each year and I knew I wanted to go. I remember the cost was $1,073 for the ten-day trip. Every penny I earned delivering newspaper went toward that trip.

My French teacher, Mrs. Mazzone, drilled it into our heads we would be ambassadors for America. Our behavior would reflect what people would think of Americans. Careful admonishments were made about how we should act in public and private during the trip and we learned about cultural differences we should expect.

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I have many questions about this photograph

This photograph is making the rounds this morning on the Internet and I have many questions.

Why is Trump smiling while everyone else is dour?
Why do I think Trump just passed gas and is as happy as a 12-year old?
Why are Ivanka and Melania wearing head coverings for the Pope, but did not do so in Saudi Arabia? It is the custom in both places.
Why is everyone wearing black? Did they all attend a funeral? Was it America’s funeral?
Why is the Pope an extra step away from Trump?

Revisiting a president’s desire to destroy the Constitution

Each day, Americans are faced with the reality of the Trump Administration’s desire to take away our rights or threatening our welfare in some way. On April 30, one of his surrogates, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, said the president is still consideringopening up” the libel laws.

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