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One Day


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The Ladybug

A ladybug on my windshield.

A ladybug on my windshield.

A ladybug was on my windshield when I left work today
she clung to the glass as I pulled away

After a few blocks
she gingerly moved a few millimeters

By the time I got home
she was swiftly moving toward the edge of the windshield

Then she scurried to the wiper
and rested underneath
protecting herself
from the frequent Nebraska wind

Written on 31 October 2015


I could sleep all day
every day
lie down on the couch
in a fetal position

ignoring the world
I could waste away

And I could lie, tell you I’m fine
and I do, most days
because you can’t begin to understand
the battle in my brain
the rage within
the despair around

And you can’t understand anything

to be alone
to be in a crowd alone
to be me
just to be

it’s anything but
what you’d expect

And I could sleep the day away
every day
waste away in my mind

watch the paint dry
the grass grow
the blinking lights of a picture show

and sleep the day away

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