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My heart is breaking today

Geoffrey Evert conquers the Scotts Bluff National Monument.

The first time I saw you I was working in Gering Junior High. You were a scrawny little kid dressed all in black, including black nail polish and eye liner. I remember thinking, “dude hit his black stage a couple of years early.”

And then I got to know you.

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I got to hang out with some yaks

What’s up? You got some cow cake?

As we move through the month of March, Star-Herald reporters are busy writing extra stories for the four Stars sections – Business, Ag, Healthy Communities, and People in Education. I was setting up an interview for the Ag section at Chadron State College with Lucinda Mays. Ag Editor Spike Jordan asked if he could tag along. He wanted to do a story on Hay Springs Yaks, owned by Una Taylor and Tim Hardy. Una and Tim were gracious hosts. I had a blast learning about yaks and hanging out with yaks.

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The eyeball update

One of my favorite pictures of my cat, Puck. His eyeballs are all good.

On February 17, my eyeball rebelled against me. Since then, I’ve been chucking different medication in my eye to get things fixed and it has pretty much worked. the pressure had jumped in my eye to 45, which is well above the normal of less than 21. The optometrist gave me a bunch of drops to take and I went back on February 23 for a checkup.

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Done. Done. Done.

I’m so done with it all.

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How to make a bad day good, or Spike gets some cake

A proper piece of cake.

Tuesday. January 30, 2018.

It was a bad day at work for fellow reporter Charissa Bryce and me until Ag Editor Spike Jordan rolled in. He came in, sat at his desk and pretended to work for a bit before rolling over toward our desks in his black, high back chair.

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