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The eyeball update

One of my favorite pictures of my cat, Puck. His eyeballs are all good.

On February 17, my eyeball rebelled against me. Since then, I’ve been chucking different medication in my eye to get things fixed and it has pretty much worked. the pressure had jumped in my eye to 45, which is well above the normal of less than 21. The optometrist gave me a bunch of drops to take and I went back on February 23 for a checkup.

Naturally, since I have so much work and am under quite a bit of stress, which was the reason why my flared up, I forgot to write and update. Well, on that visit, the pressure had dropped to 35. not ideal, but we were moving in the right direction. I kept shoving a variety of medicine in my eye. Peggi Carabajal put one of the drops in my eye during the day at work. It was more gel than liquid and I always have trouble with that one.

I went for another followup visit on Friday, March 2. The pressure is now down to 23, so I am now weaning myself off the medications. I will be finished on March 11, providing nothing flares up again.

In the mean time, I’m trying to figure out a way to handle the stress, avoid having so much overtime, and finding ways to relax. The last few weekends that meant staying at home and avoiding people. Let’s hope this doesn’t flare up again. It sucks.


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  1. Rachelle Eversole

    Happy to hear you are on the mend. Hang in there!

  2. Jim Collister

    Glad to read your eye is getting better. Wishing that it stabilizes and you have no more issues.

  3. Karen Anderson

    Take care of you!

  4. Sandra Reddish

    Whew! Avoided the pirate/Cogburn disguise!

  5. Judy Amoo

    I hope you can identify some helpful strategies to reduce your stress. That sounds like it will be key to sustaining your good health. To reduce my stress, I took up yoga, creating jewelry, and making more time with people that make me happy. I’m holding you in the light and hoping your eyes continue to improve, my friend!

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