Irene North


Done. Done. Done.

I’m so done with it all.

I’m done with the Olympics. No, I haven’t watched the Olympics in nearly 30 years. That doesn’t make me strange or weird, but you’re pissing me off by trying to make me feel that way.

I’m done with people who think it was 160+ girls’ fault that Larry Nassar sexually assaulted them because of the way they dressed or because they didn’t do this or that in a timely manner. Fuck you.

I’m done with people who still defend Mike Klein.

I’m done with 50-hour work weeks and not even receiving a good job or a nicely done.

I’m done with hearing about how you hate the changes to the newspaper. Try calling someone who can do something about it. I’m just trying to buy my damned groceries. I don’t find pleasure in being stopped in every aisle and being told everything the newspaper is doing wrong just because I happen to have my Star-Herald shirt on. Yes, I’m polite to you, but I’m really thinking, “Leave me the fuck alone. Call 308-632-9000 and bitch to someone in charge.” I don’t get paid enough to deal with this bullshit every damned day.

I’m done with lazy people. I’m not allowed to punch you in the face, but know that, whenever I see you, I’m thinking about it.

I’m done with people who defend lazy people. Just shut the fuck up. I’m only listening because you cornered me and you’re trying to defend yourself for your actions. You make my life more difficult.

I’m done with making accommodations for you. Your lack of planning does not necessitate an emergency on my part. Make the lazy people work for once.

I’m done with doing triple the work, soon to be quadruple, I was hired to do for poverty wages. I will now work according to my wage, which is far from a living wage.

I’m done with people wanting quantity over quality.

I’m done with billionaires shoving their money up their ass while expecting more from their employees.

I’m done with all the squeaky noises that are emitted from every orifice in your body every day.

I’m done with the constant fucking humming and mumbling.

I’m done with people defending Trump. He’s a pig. You’re a terrible human being if you voted for him and continue to defend every vile thing he does. You shouldn’t be defending the functionally illiterate and putting them on pedestals. If you think he’s just like you, you’re just as stupid as he is. Go away. In case you’re laughing and think I’m joking. Go the fuck away. I don’t want to deal with your ignorance anymore.

I’m done with people who blindly follow the herd, jingoism, and do what they’re told. No, I don’t sing the national anthem and I don’t pledge any loyalty to the flag. If you had ever bothered to know me, you would know why. Fuck you and your god damned nationalism and patriotism. I wish I owned a flag so I could burn it in front of you and watch your head explode.

I’m done with people who think I should leave the country because I think differently than they do. You want me to leave, find me a job, a home, and pay my way. Otherwise, take your head out of your ass and have a conversation with someone different.

I’m done with people who say you need to go ride a bike or take a hike in the woods to not be depressed. You don’t fucking get it. You don’t want to get it. You just want someone you can look down on.

I’m done with never being able to say yes to that donut, that slice of pizza, or any other unscheduled food.

I’m done with people who don’t want to understand why my food regimen has to be rigidly scheduled and why that can sometimes be depressing.

I’m done with people praising the police when they kill someone who has mental health issues.

I’m done with people who refuse to see the serious mental health crisis in this country. It’s everywhere from the over-stressed and overworked to our youth. I’m happy for you that you don’t suffer from anything, but maybe you should go look up the word ’empathy’ in the dictionary.

I’m done with schools that treat their teachers like like 10-year-olds and don’t pay them a living wage.

I’m done with people who say they want to talk, but only if it’s about themselves.

I’m done with the expectations.

I’m done with trying.


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  1. Candice Fisher Pederson

    Thank you for saying exactly what I think almost every day

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