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I have many questions about this photograph

This photograph is making the rounds this morning on the Internet and I have many questions.

Why is Trump smiling while everyone else is dour?
Why do I think Trump just passed gas and is as happy as a 12-year old?
Why are Ivanka and Melania wearing head coverings for the Pope, but did not do so in Saudi Arabia? It is the custom in both places.
Why is everyone wearing black? Did they all attend a funeral? Was it America’s funeral?
Why is the Pope an extra step away from Trump?


Revisiting a president’s desire to destroy the Constitution


I am embarrassed for my country


  1. Liza Betz-Marquez

    I wondered that myself.

  2. Mark Gmazel

    exactly…we are ruled by plutocratic morons

  3. Lupe Gordon

    They are ridiculous … “The Adams Family in the White House OMG !!!”

  4. Altair D. Vega

    It is protocol for women to wear black when meeting the Pontiff. Now the veil thing … Vatican II did away with it in the early 60s so choosing to cover your head probably is a personal choice for Melania who is from apparently a very devout Roman Catholic country and is herself RC. Ivanka is dressed appropriately in black but her head covering on the other hand is a head-scratcher. She converted to Judaism. She is compelled neither by custom nor religion to cover her head; why she did that, I have no idea. Clearly all these people are all over the map about protocol: They don’t cover anything in Saudi, and Trump wears a yarmulke and Ivanka covers her head at the Western Wall, and here they ALL are at the Vatican wearing the traditional black, but covering their heads. Only Melania should be covering her head and only if she chooses to.

  5. Kate Hilsenbeck

    I thought the daughter-in-chief was minding the fort … guess not, but hey, who wants to miss out on a major photo op?

    • Sheila Anderson

      The daughter is the real first lady. She makes sure she is at every event. We get to pay for her to travel and see other countries.

  6. Martin Kinney

    I am thinking mourning for the Manchester victims.

  7. Joe Dutton

    Maybe Trump farted…. Just a thought.

  8. Sherry Beth Preston

    Trump has my ex’s mug shot smile. Google him sometime.

  9. Kimberly Hippe Mendez

    I grew up Catholic. In the 60’s and early 70’s women wore black veils. Also, Mass was in Latin and nuns wore full habits. I must have been born on the cusp, by the time I was in Elementary School, it became more lax.

  10. Amanda Gibbs

    That’s because that one was photoshopped. Here’s the original 😉

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