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Welcome to my world

Writer. Seeker of knowledge. Girl on the Internet.

Photographs by Irene North.


I have been on the internet since March 1993 after having discovered Usenet and ISCABBS. During that time, I have designed my own websites, written for others, and explored the internet.

I am a freelance journalist, having spent five and a half years as a reporter and photographer at the Scottsbluff Star-Herald newspaper. You can find my most recent work at Wyobraska Magazine and A collection of my writings can be found at muckrack or contently.


Other Sites

Visit my other site, maintained since 1998. This website contains many more older photographs I have taken over the years.

Social Media

I deleted all my social media account in 2021. This site is the main place you can find me.


I have recently completed a memoir about my childhood trauma and am seeking representation for its publication.


I have created a special section for my writings.

These are my long form writings and photo essays about my life and mental health.


From somewhere in western Nebraska.